Instructions For Filling Online Application


Applications are required to fill-in online using "Internet Explorer" or "Google Chrome" at



  • If you face any issue related to security certificate with other browsers, you can INSTALL SECURITY CERTIFICATE
  • Please select Indian Mission CHINA-HONG KONG
  • Please note down the Temporary Application ID: (Your Information will be saved if you click save button or continue to next page. If you exit without doing either of that, your information will be lost. Minimum field required for partial save is up to Date of Birth).
  • Please fill in all the particulars including permanent and current address, e-mail id, mobile and phone nos. correctly. Also please mention the name and phone of references/contacts correctly. Applications without complete details are liable to be rejected.
  • Please upload your recent colour photograph (2 inch X 2 inch taken in light background). Please ensure photographs are as per Photo Specifications. Photo resizing and upload Guidelines are available at: Photo Upload Instructions
  • Please take a print of the application after completing it. The application No. will start with CHNH.
  • All visa applicant must fill the undertaking letter (click here to download the undertaking letter)
  • While filling up the online form please remember to fill in all the fields mandatory or not eg port of entry and exit etc.
  • All non HK applicants have to fill up this form ,no 10 will be your address in your home country
  • If applicant is a Journalist / editor in a media company and wishes to apply for business or tourist visa, then they need to select Journalist visa while filling up the form

After applying online, the applicant is requested to take a print of the duly filled Online Application Form and submit it along with all required documentation at the BLS Indian Visa, Passport and Consular Services, Hong Kong on any working day. There is no need for taking prior appointment for submission of applications. Applicants are attended to on first come first serve basis. All original documents are required to be kept ready for verification during submission of Visa application. These will be returned after verification. Documents are not retained at the Consulate or BLS Indian Visa, Passport and Consular Services, Hong Kong.


Visa is not a right and it can be denied without assigning any reason. All Visas are valid from date of issue, not from date of arrival in India. Visa fee is processing charges. It cannot be refunded under any circumstances, whether Visa is denied or granted for a shorter period than applied for. Once Visa is granted, it cannot be changed or amended. Acceptance of Visa application does not automatically guarantee grant of a Visa.

Applicants must enter and exit India before the date of expiry mentioned on the Visa.

Some fake websites are reported to be duping those who seek Visa for India. Therefore, it is requested that all Visa, Passport, Consular and Other Services seekers should exercise utmost caution while accessing the websites for such services. The website under the purview of this Consulate is

The fee for Visa are collected in cash in HK $ at the counter at the BLS Indian Visa, Passport and Consular Services, Center premises. Payment of Visa fee by any other means like Credit card, Debit card and Cheque is not accepted.

Those residing in the Mainland should submit their applications in Indian Missions/Posts located in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Please retain your original receipts and produce the same for return of Passports. All travellers to India, especially long term, are advised to check the latest immigration and entry regulations before travel.