Important Notice:-

Signature should match as per the passport in each and every documents and forms. If the signs do not match, applications will be rejected.



Fees : HK $ 402/- for Passport & HKD 171/- for Registration of birth

a) BLS service charges: HKD 47

Duration for grant of service: Approximately 20 Working days.
Documents required :

The birth of every child born in Hong Kong/ Macau to Indian parent(s) is required to be registered with the Consulate General of India, Hong Kong within one year of the birth depending upon areas of jurisdiction. A Birth Registration Certificate is issued by the Consulate to the child after registering his/her name as an Indian national and a separate Passport is issued to the new born. It is not possible to include child's name in the passport of mother/father. In case, the registration of the birth could not be done for any reasons for not registering the birth on time is requested to write an application detailing the reason for late registration.


  1. Registration of birth of child born abroad under section 4(1) of the Citizenship Act on the website
  2. Applicants are required to fill online application form at and carry a printout of the filled in application form duly signed by both parents [child's thumb impression (left thumb for male & right thumb for female) should be affixed in the signature box]
  3. Personal presence of the applicant is required
  4. Presence of both the parent or either parent with passports of both the parent at the time of submission of application
  5. Three recent passport-size photographs of 2 inch x 2 inch, full face & ears visible and white/light background
  6. Affidavit as per Annexure D signed by both parents (In case one of the parents is foreign national Annexure D to be declared separately)
  7. In cases where for any reason whatsoever the married parent applying for passport for the minor child is not able to obtain the consent of the other parent for obtaining passport for the child, the Affidavit as per Annexure C is to be submitted with supporting documents
  8. Original and self-attested photocopy (first two and last two pages) of parent(s) passports
  9. Original and self-attested photocopy of Hong Kong/Macau ID/ valid visa of parent(s)
  10. Original and self-attested photocopy of Birth Registration Certificate
  11. Original and self-attested photocopy of Marriage Certificate of Parents
  12. In case one of the parents happens to be a foreign national, a certificate from the Embassy/Consulate of the foreign country stating that the child has not been registered as their citizen and not issued any passport, may also be submitted OR an affidavit stating not having foreign nationality/passport for the baby, signed by parent(s)
  13. An Undertaking to be submitted by both parents declaring they have not applied for foreign nationality for minor
  14. Fee of HKD 632 (HKD 416 for passport + HKD 216 for registration of birth)

Note: (i) In case of minor child born out of wed-lock, additional affidavit as per APPENDIX-12 duly signed by single parent and attested by Office of Oath Commissioner of Hong Kong/Macau or Notary Public.
(ii) In case of an unwed mother, and where the father of the child is either known or unknown, the single unwed parent shall furnish a declaration in Annexure C & D. The name of the father should be left blank.

Note : For being eligible for the Indian passport, either both or one parent should have valid Indian Passport at the time of application for the newly born child.

In case of minor, the address to be printed on passport should be following either one of the parents passport.

All copies attached to the application must be self attested.

While filling up the form, please make sure you are writing Hong Kong instead of HONGKONG whereever applicable.

1. Applicants parents who are born before Partition (1947) in Karachi, Sind, Hyderabad, etc (places which are in Pakistan now), please write UNDIVIDED INDIA in the country category. Otherwise, forms will not be accepted.

2. If applicants/ parents of applicants/ spouse are not Permanent HKID holders, have to also submit the Current Visa page copy (SELF ATTESTED)