Student Visa

Who can apply?

Student Visa is issued for pursuing regular and full time academic studies in India. No other activities like business, employment, etc., are permitted. It is normally issued for the duration of the course of study. The applicant should submit proof of admission to a recognized educational institution in India along with documents certifying recognition of the Educational institution in India by concerned Government agency.

Foreigners who intend to study yoga should apply for Student Visa. The Yoga institution should be recognised by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, for admitting foreign students.

Required Documents

Student Visa is issued to a foreigner whose sole objective is to pursue on-campus, full time (structured) courses (including English and other language courses and vocational education) at educational institutions (Central/ State Government Educational Institutions & Private Educational Institutions) duly recognized by statutory regulatory body and have acquired statutory authorization to conduct the course(s) complying with GST regulations; for higher education including in South Asian University and Nalanda University; for student exchange programme; for school education; for studies in Yoga, Vedic Culture and Indian Systems of Music and dance; for Buddhist studies (institution should be recognized by Ministry of Home affairs, GoI for admitting foreign students); for Theological Studies; for missionary students; for research scholar, visiting Research faculty, research scholar on bilateral exchange programme, members of botanical, scientific, anthropological expeditions; for those coming for internship in India (including those coming under French VIE programme; applicants who intend to pursue internship in Indian companies, educational institutions and NGOs; interns who are sponsored by Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales(AIESEC). Following documents are to be submitted along with visa application form:

  1. One printed copy of the online visa application form duly signed on both pages
  2. One recent photograph as per photo specifications
  3. Original passport with at least two blank pages and minimum 6 months validity
  4. Copy of profile page of passport. If applicant is holding dual/multiple nationality, copy of profile page of all passports
  5. Copy of Hong Kong/Macau ID for residents and copy of valid HK/Macau visa for non residents
  6. Letter of admission from recognized Indian institution
  7. Copy of Birth Certificate
  8. Letter from parent (in case of minor) regarding financial support along with copy of his/her Hong Kong/Macau ID and bank statement.
  9. Proof of fees paid
  10. Copy of letter issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI to institution  stating that the institution is recognized for admitting foreign students for study of yoga, vedic culture/Indian system of dance/music, as appplicable
  11. No objection Certificate from Ministry of Health, GOI to institution  stating that the institution is recognized for admitting foreign students (in case of admission to medical or Para-medical course)
  12. Self undertaking as per Form-II regarding use of satellite phone
  13. General self undertaking as per Form-III

Eligibility Criteria/Additional Documentation for Student Visa for Internship in India

  1. The student visa for internship visa will be granted to those who have completed their graduation/post-graduation. The gap between the completion of graduation/post-graduation and the commencement of the internship should not be more than one year. In case the internship is in a Company, the foreign national being sponsored by internship should draw a minimum remuneration of Indian Rupees 7.80 lakhs per annum. There will be no minimum salary limit in the case of internship in educational institutional and NGOs. Earnings from internship will be subjected to the Indian Income Tax Regulations.

A letter from the Indian company/educational institution/NGO concerned sponsoring for internship programme which inter-alia includes the following information: Name of company/institute/NGO in India, Address, Phone/Fax, Email, duration of internship in months, annual remuneration to be received in INR, and undertaking from the Indian company/organization concerned that they will ensure departure of the intern on completion of the internship.

Processing Time

Applicants are advised to submit Visa applications minimum 15 days in advance of their travel plans.

Visa fee schedule

NOTE: At Indian Visa, Passport and Consular Services Hong Kong, We DO NOT ACCEPT 1000 (One Thousand) HKD NOTE.

Fee Schedule for Student Visa

(Visas are normally issued for duration of course.)

  1. BLS service charges: HKD 47
SN Type Duration Entries Visa Fee in HKD (including ICWF HKD24/-)
1 Student upto 5 Y M 642
2 Student (Research Purpose) upto 6M S/M 642
6M to 1 Y M 950
1Y to 5Y M 1567
3 Missionary upto 6 M S/M 642
6M to 1 Y M 950
1Y to 5Y M 1567
4 Mountaineering upto 6 M S/M 642
6M to 1 Y M 950
5 Film upto 1 Y S/M 850
6 For Afghanistan, Argentina (restricted to tourist, business and transit visa only) , Bangladesh, DPR Korea, Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia, South Africa and Uruguay (restricted to tourist visa only)  nationals:
  All types of visa (except restiction as mentioned above) 24
7 For Pakistani nationals:
  All types of visa 35
8 For Singapore nationals:
  For all other types of visas, general visa fee will be applicable
9 For Japanese nationals:
  All other types of visa for Japanese nationals 86
10 For UK nationals:
  Student visa upto 5 years (multiple) 1791
  Medical visa upto 1 year (multiple) 1020
  Emergency visa charges 687
11 For Nigerian nationals:
  All types of visa 1953
12 For US nationals:
  Compulsory additional visa application fee for all types of visa (except Tourist and Business visas) 155
13 For Ukrainian nationals:
  Student visa up to 5 years (multiple) 680
  All other visas (entry, conference, journalist etc.)
  Up to 6 months 680
  Up to 1 year 1027
  less than 5 years 1567
  Emergency visa fee 656
14 For Russian nationals: All types of visa
  Single Entry 333
  Double Entry 719
  Multiple Entry 950
  Transfer of valid visa 333
15 For Sri Lanka Nationals
Student Visa (For institution covered by bilateral agreement) 1 year 356
more than  1 year 649
  Student Visa (For institution covered by bilateral agreement) 649
16 For Mozambique Nationals
  Business Visa/ Employment Visa 24
All other types visas (Except Transit and Student) up to 6 months 1721
up to 6 months ( in Emergency) 2338
up to one year 2338
up to one year (in Emergency) 2338
Up to 5 year 2338
up to 5 year (in Emergency) 2338
17 Seychelles (all types except Employment/ Work Visa) 24
18 Myanmar nationals (all types of visa) 0
19 Business visa fee for nationals of following countries  
Country Name up to 1yr up to 5yrs  
Australia 1683 2300  
Czech Republic 1494 2107  
Ecuador 1876 2493  
France 1297 1953  
Iran 2146 2763  
Ireland 1567 2184  
New Zealand 1027 1953  
Philippines 1721 2338  
Poland 1143 1953  
Saudi Arabia 1983 2300  
Thailand 1567 2184  
UAE 3225 3843  
USA 1104 1953  


Applicants who are not residents or who have not completed two years of residence in HK or Macau are required to fill in the Personal Particulars Form in addition to the Visa Application Form


It may be ensured by applicants that admission is sought in institutions affiliated to recognised boards/universities.

Applicants who are not residents or who have not completed two years of residence in HK or Macau are required to fill in the Personal Particulars Form in addition to the Visa application form.